Bidding & Proposal Tips

Bit Link was proud to be one of a handful of participants at the Procurement Technical Assistance Center’s workshop on Proposal and Bidding. It was a great class session on some of the interesting in’s and out’s of preparing for responses to federal government contracting solicitations. Some of the highlight topics were:

  • Top reasons why proposals/bids fail
  • 10 Ground rules to bidding
  • Various types of bids/solicitations
  • Pricing & break-even calculations
  • Contents of a successful RFP
  • Cost Proposal & Unallowable costs
  • Labor laws that affect contracts (Davis-Bacon Act & Service Contract Act)
  • Labor and indirect overhead/Direct Material
  • Cost & DCCA audit standards
  • Scoring & proposal evaluation

It was a great opportunity to learn more about competitive proposal writing and understanding the details of federal contracting. We hope that responding to solicitations becomes a core competency for Bit Link – whether as a sub or as a prime contractor.  2015 marked the first year we won a contract as a prime. In the first quarter of 2016, we have already signed 2 agreements as a prime contractor. We are excited by the opportunity to get more into federal contracting as our service offering expands each year.”

Dane Ing, Bit Link COO

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