Journal Technologies is the merger of three long standing and successful companies—New Dawn Technologies, Sustain Technologies, and ISD Corporation. Nearly 600 offices worldwide use Journal Technologies solutions to manage caseloads of all types. We provide solutions for courts of all jurisdiction, prosecution agencies, public defenders, pretrial services offices, probation and parole offices, and other government entities. Journal Technologies is wholly owned by the Daily Journal Corporation.

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In 1992, New Dawn started in a spare bedroom with a developer creating a case management solution for a statewide government customer. Since that original version, we have added extensive functionality and released versions of JustWare for all types of courts and justice agencies. We have also released our Adaptive Case Management solution that is configurable for all types of government agencies. We maintain a 98% customer retention rate, which includes the first customer to ever purchase JustWare.

New Dawn was acquired by Daily Journal Corporation in December 2012. The Daily Journal Corporation (DJCO) is a publicly held publisher of the Los Angeles, San Francisco Daily Journal and California Lawyer. With more than $100 million in cash, U.S. Treasury Bills and marketable securities, the Daily Journal brings the financial stability to allow New Dawn to be strategic and agile in market and product decisions. New Dawn is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Daily Journal.The Daily Journal also brings the executive leadership of Charlie Munger, the chairman of the Board.  Mr. Munger is also the Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway.(

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